Les Canoës du Marais : Aquatic activities in Vendée

Discover the unspoilt beautyof the marsh

Embark on an adventure from Givrand and let yourself be seduced by the tranquillity of the Jaunay, a tranquil river ideal for a getaway with family or friends. Accessible to all, without current or danger, this outing promises moments of relaxation and discovery in the heart of a preserved Natura 2000-labeled environment. From the serenity of the marshes to the majesty of the dunes, via the mystical forest, every stroke of the paddle plunges you into a varied and authentic nature. Explore the riches of the marsh, observe the flora and fauna, and let yourself be enchanted by the unspoilt beauty of this exceptional ecosystem.

Visit Saint-Gilles-Croix-De-Vie from the water

An excursionrich in discovery

Your canoeing adventure takes you to the heart of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, a picturesque seaside resort that combines maritime charm with summer bustle. As soon as you arrive, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere by exploring the local market, brimming with fresh produce and regional specialties to delight your taste buds.

Explorers will love discovering the picturesque port of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, where colorful boats sway gently with the tides. Stroll along the lively quays, soak up the maritime atmosphere and admire the age-old traditions of local fishing.

Night-time canoeing adventures

magical momentsunder the stars

For the more adventurous, Les Canoës du Marais offers an unforgettable experience: night-time courses available in July and August. Imagine yourself paddling under a starry sky, immersed in a magical atmosphere, and discovering the enchanting landscapes of the marsh from a whole new angle. This nocturnal adventure offers a unique experience, combining the excitement of adventure with the peaceful contemplation of nature.

Sailing the calm waters of the marsh in the dark, lit only by the glow of stars and moonlight, creates a mystical and bewitching atmosphere. Let yourself be carried away by the calm of the night, as the sounds of nature surround you and the stars twinkle above you.

Contacts and information:

Tel : 06 07 11 37 59

Address: The Canoës des Marais base is located on the :
ST GILLES CROIX DE VIE / BRETIGNOLLES SUR MER 103 route des Sables 85800 Givrand

Website: http: //www.les-canoes-du-marais.com/fr/accueil